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Who we are

The Maine Coaches Connection (MCC) is a  Satellite of ICFNE. Our mission is to:  
  • Create connections among coaches in Maine and beyond,
  • Support and promote the coaching profession in Maine,
  • Raise awareness of ICF and ICFNE Membership and create more local benefits for participants in Maine,
  • Grow ourselves and our businesses.

What We Do

Our primary mission is helping Maine coaches connect with each another. We live in a very large and rural state which can present challenges in meeting and getting to know each other. After conducting a survey and talking to as many Maine coaches as possible, we discovered that what they were hungry for was “connection” with each other. In responding to this need we have created two avenues where Maine coaches and beyond can meet. (Check the ICFNE Events Calendar for upcoming gatherings)  

Coach MeetUps 

Our MeetUps are live or virtual 90-minute sessions that are led and facilitated by a coach/facilitator. Each meeting has an organizing topic to start the discussion and open time for coaches to bring forward any issues and topics that interest them.
We offer a combination of in-person and virtual meet ups to allow for a wider participation.  To attend a virtual session, all you need is a computer and the Zoom program, which can be downloaded for free..
We encourage coaches to suggest relevant topics and issues for us to discuss as well as invite everyone to lead a session on a topic that excites them.

Pot Lucks 

At this time Pot lucks are being held in the Portland area approximately twice a year.

Pot Lucks are informal events with lots of time to get to know each other at a more personal level. No lofty agenda, no formality, just simply enjoying each other's company for support, connection, and furthering the profession of coaching in New England and the world.


In 2013 we came together with the intention of building a learning community for local and regional coaches, of educating our Maine community about the value of coaching, and sharing our excitement and passion about the profession we love.  We are proud to have successfully delivered quarterly educational programs for 4 years.  As the needs and desires of the local coaching community shifted so did we. Our current offerings of Meet Ups and Pot Lucks are getting rave reviews and connecting coaches in meaningful ways. We take great pride in being the first ICFNE satellite and appreciate the support we have and continue to receive from ICF and ICFNE. 

 How to get involved

  • Sign up for our mailing list. Stay up to date on events to build connection and further learning. While our events are in Maine, we welcome all coaches.
  • Join our LinkedIn Group by typing “Maine Coaches Connection: an ICF New England Chapter Satellite” into the LinkedIn search bar and sending a request to join to the administrator, or email us and an Executive Committee Member will connect with you on LinkedIn and then invite you to the group.
  • We are always interested in having people join our Executive Committee. If you would like to participate, email us.

Executive Council

The Maine Coaches Connection (ICFNE- Maine Satellite) is led by small and a mighty board of dedicated volunteers in Maine. Each member brings unique talents and gifts to the Committee. Our Executive Committee is made up of Executive Council and Advisory Committee members. Executive Council members are ICFNE members and hold an ICF credential; Advisory Committee members are professional coaches with various backgrounds and credentials.

Here are our Executive Committee members and their bios.

Janet Eastman MSW, PCC

For nearly 25 years, Janet has cultivated and grown her passion for coaching leaders at all levels across a broad spectrum of organizations ranging from public institutions, non-profits and small companies to branches of state and federal government, and global corporations. Seeing clients evolve to meet the full potential of their unique gifts has inspired her belief that coaching is a pathway to success unlike any other. It is both a unique personal relationship and a highly targeted learning experience that gives people an opportunity to transform their life experiences and talents into positive action with enduring results.
Janet focuses on creating channels of change that move people and organizations forward recognizing that the confidence of each individual to succeed in their position contributes to creating an environment of success for the organization in which they work. Professionally, she is highly respected for her work fostering the abilities to improve organizational results; strengthen communication skills; engage others around a compelling vision; and to connect with each client’s unique purpose and passion.

In addition to her coaching, Janet works with diverse teams in a variety of organizations developing executive group, building high performance teams and creating innovative strategies for ongoing success.

Sandra Lipsey

Sandra has been using her professional coaching skills to help business owners for over 15 years. What she enjoys most about the impact of coaching is that business people, when they choose her as their coach, like going to work more and stew less over hurdles that are a normal part of the business world.

Sandra has experience in the world of national, state, and local governments. She has been a bank president and managed a group of 50 or more people for more than a decade.She knows what it is like to be tired out by business issues and to be thrilled by creativity that is dynamic and results in the success of others as well as herself.

In addition to being a credentialed coach with the International Coaches Federation, Sandra has completed an extensive (1 year) leadership course that informs her work with business professionals. The results you are seeking, she can help you obtain.

Jamie Morin PhD, PCC

Jamie Morin is the president of Synchrony Point Coaching & Consulting.  The company provides executive and leadership development coaching, as well as operational assessment and strategic planning services.  Synchrony Point clients come from a variety of backgrounds including financial services, specialty pharmacy, technology consulting, business services, law enforcement, non-profit leadership, and higher education.

A former commercial payments industry executive, Jamie draws on more than 30 years of experience leading global service and operations teams in the financial services and manufacturing industries, and leading admissions and marketing teams in higher education.  Jamie holds PhD in psychology and an MA in organizational management.  Her formal coach training was completed at the Gestalt International Study Center and she is certified as a professional coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation.

Penny Harris, ACC, MSB

Penny is the creator of Mission Centered Fundraising (MCF), and a professional coach certified by ICF and Gestalt. The fundraisers and CEOs she coaches are learning to manage sustainable individual donor programs with giving-communities. Donors partner with organization leaders and staff serving the mission and community.
Missions of nonprofit organizations make our communities better places to live together. Clients working with her will learn to use her 3-part MCF system to gain confidence and competence in building individual donor relationships. Penny believes focusing on the mission enables meaningful connections and giving experiences that inspire renewal.
For more than 30 years, Penny’s professional experience includes establishing, managing, and growing fundraising programs as a volunteer, director of development, campaign director, consultant, and board member. She is experienced in developing relationships with donors and has interviewed nearly 1000 donors throughout the United States. She believes fundraising is interactive when inviting people to join in support of their communities.
Most recently, Penny served as a member of the Board of Directors for Creative Portland in Portland, Maine. She served as appointed trustee for the University of Maine System for ten years, and as Treasurer for the national board of the League of Women Voters.
Penny also presents and produces interactive workshops on Mission Centered Fundraising.

Barti Bourgault MA, PCC

Barti is a life coach specializing in facilitating self-leadership in her clients. She believes that by cultivating awareness of what is actually holding us back from making the changes we desire we can begin to heal and live our full potential. Clients come to Barti seeking change related to health, career, relationships, and unwanted patterns of behavior. Her work in inspired by the Internal Family Systems model and mindfulness meditation practices. Her philosophy is through increased self- and social-awareness we can move beyond what currently appears to be possible. Her business, Move Beyond the Edge, LLC is located in Portland Maine. 

Since leaving her marketing career, Barti earned her Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies from The Graduate Institute, and acquired the following professional credentials: ICF Professional Certified Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and 500 RYT Yoga Instructor. 

Barti also volunteers within the Portland Public School System and the Long Creek Youth Development Center offering mindfulness classes to middle and high school students. She sits on the ICFNE Board of Directors as the VP of Marketing.
Barti grew up in Maine and holds a BS in Business Administration from Boston College. She transitioned to coaching as a profession after a 30-year marketing career building brands such as Cole-Haan, Tommy Hilfiger, Sperry Top-Sider, J Jill and Levi’s. She has lived and worked in Boston, New York, Colorado, and Maine.   

Gregory McHugh MBA, ACC, CPCC

After nearly 20 years of large organization consulting and leadership positions in the federal government, Gregory McHugh is in private practice providing management consulting, training & development services, and leadership coaching to clients nationwide.
Gregory brings a whole life perspective to his coaching, while focusing on his client’s business effectiveness and individual performance. Gregory’s clients appreciate his expertise and professionalism, as well as his wide-ranging background, which helps generate new perspectives for creating change, taking action, and leading in today’s complex world.
Gregory joined the MCC in 2018 and is currently working to develop targeted training and leadership programs aimed at small and medium-sized businesses as well as providing assessment and coaching services to leaders at all levels. He continues to be involved in government and is providing management consulting services to two State of Maine government agencies and training and facilitation services to DoD to help National Guard and Reserve members as they transition between their military and civilian roles.
Gregory was on the leadership team at the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that developed the Federal Coaching Network and won the 2014 HCMG Award for Best Leadership Development Program in the Public Sector. Earlier, Gregory developed and led the first coaching program at the International Trade Administration that won a US Department of Commerce Bronze Medal as well as an ICF Prism Award for excellence and achievement in coaching.  
Gregory is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). He completed his coach training at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and holds certifications from the Centers for Applied Cognitive Studies (CentACS) and Creative Leadership (CCL). Gregory has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), where he started his leadership journey in the wild and wooly Rocky Mountain wilderness.

Terri DeCoster MS, CPC

Terri DeCoster, MS, CPC, is a co-parent and stepparent coach and professional family mediator. She has dedicated over 20 years to improving interpersonal relationships among families, couples, and individuals. Most notably, Terri served as a founding member, Board President, and current presenter at the Kids First Center in Scarborough, Maine. In 2018, she received the Kids First Center Outstanding Service Award.

Terri is an experienced facilitator of psycho-educational groups for children and adults going through separation and divorce and/or re-partnering, giving special consideration to the experience of the child. She believes in a systems approach when working with clients, where even one individual can affect the whole in a positive way. Given the necessary support, insight, education and skills, parents can navigate their way through one of the most difficult times in their life with integrity to a place of peace, confidence and optimism for the future.

For Terri, this work is personal. As a child of divorce in the 1960’s and a divorced mom in mid-life, Terri brings compassion from mining her own experience of divorce and stepfamily life. Terri’s mission is to help adults and children embrace their grief, heal together, and ultimately re-invent their relationships in a healthy and empowered way. With so much stigma around divorce, she is dedicated to lessening the negative stereotypes that only add pain to an already challenging situation. Embracing change and forgiveness can be the doors to wholeness.

Terri currently serves on the Board of Governors of the Maine Association of Mediators and the Executive Council of the Maine Coaches Connection (ICFNE- Maine Satellite). She is on the Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (CADRES) roster for family matters in Maine, as well as Family and Community Mediation. She is also a presenter for Second Saturday Maine, a divorce workshop for women.

Terri grew up in Maine and has private coaching and family mediation practice in Yarmouth, ME. She is the divorced mother of two twenty-something daughters, and enjoys gardening, art, sailing, travel, and searching for turtles off the end of dock at camp. .   


As a business coach in a Leadership Development consulting firm, Kerry moved up from individual consultant to CEO, leading the company when the founder stepped out of the business. She supported key executives of an anchor client to increase their revenues by 25%, an increase of over 20 million.

Kerry’s unique background in education, small business and counseling psychology, combined with her experience as a successful CEO fuels her approach to coaching high performing and high potential leaders allowing them to create breakthrough results in their businesses and careers.

As a professional who has spent the majority of her career focused on building family businesses and partnerships, she understands the nuances and common challenges. Her experience has taught her the importance of people, relationships, communication, and coordinated action as the foundation for all business success.