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The ICFNE Audience

ICFNE strives to be a diverse and inclusive professional community, supporting the evolving coaching profession. With that intention, ICFNE provides a forum for the exploration of various tools, perspectives, assessments, and teachings related to professional coaching. While we do not claim to be experts or promoters of any singular coaching methodology, certification program, philosophy or tool, we do offer a range of professional development and educational opportunities (both evidenced-based and cutting edge programs). We aim to secure presenters and programs that uphold the ethical standards of ICF.

Presentations areas

ICFNE is interested in progressive, creative, relevant, educational, and diverse speakers and programs for our members. 
  • Professional growth and development
  • Personal growth and development
  • Coaching tools and skills
  • Business development and management
  • ICF Core Competencies

Guidelines and criteria for speakers  

  • The topic must fit into one of the categories listed above.
  • The speaker is an effective presenter and can engage and sustain audience interest.
    The speaker has presented the topic before and can provide feedback and/or testimonials and/or a video of a portion of an actual presentation.
  • Content is relevant and customized to the coaching profession and the ICFNE members.
  • Speakers understand the engagement is not paid.
  • The speaker does not have to be a coach to be eligible to present.
  • We ask our speakers to review the ICF Code of Ethics, giving special attention to Part 2, Section 1, Item numbers 2, 7 and 9.
  • To maintain the integrity of our professional development events we permit speakers to promote/market their services, tastefully and respectfully.
  • When a speaker presents in person, we provide an area where he/she is welcome to display any of their professional materials on our Resource Table for our members to review or purchase.
  • During both in person and virtual events, speakers may mention any upcoming events, offerings, books or products, at the end of the event.
Thank you for your interest.

Apply to Be A Speaker

“Sponsoring an event with ICF New England was an excellent decision. As a publisher of leadership materials and training developer, we were introduced to the perfect audience for our work. We made great connections and were exposed to new material. Thanks ICFNE!” 

-Hanuman Goleman, Founder & Director Key Step Media

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