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Communities of Practice


ICFNE offers an outstanding opportunity for member connection and learning around areas of interest for further professional development through the Communities of Practice Program.


Connecting with coaches with shared interests

Each community of practice will provide an opportunity for professional credentialed coaches to connect with and learn from other coaches around mutual interest areas.  Goals include: sharing best practices, refining skillsets, overcoming challenges, identifying effective solutions, and sharing valuable resources in the interest of serving our respective individual and organizational clients.  The objective is not to market or distribute our services to our members, but rather to live up to the highest ideal of a professional community. 

All CoP Meetings are listed in the Events section of this website. Members, please register for the community(s) of your choice there. Registering will allow you to receive the Zoom link, get reminders, and add it to your calendar. Check out this and future months for meeting dates and times.

ICFNE Board Member Point of contact

Alyson McEvoy

Current Communities of practice and contact


Meeting dates, times, and duration will be established by the group at the beginning of each renewal year.

Group leadership

While sharing leadership roles by rotating the lead meeting-to-meeting is ideal, specific execution will be determined by the group itself.

ICFNE Member Communications

Each community will be responsible for providing requested member communication to the VP Marketing, Barti Bourgault, for inclusion in the bi-weekly newsletter or to be placed on the website.  Please allow 10 days for execution.

Success Measurement

It’s recommended that each group be clear on how success will be evaluated and reported. Our vision is that members connect with each other, learn from each other, and grow as individuals and as a professional group.  In addition, it will be valuable to observe how coaches have integrated and implemented new approaches, learning, and activities.  

Growth & Sustainability

As trends and approaches evolve, there will be an ongoing need for discussion.  The ICFNE Board of Director’s VP of Membership will monitor the needs and add or discontinue communities to meet the needs of our larger community. As communities renew year to year, leadership can rotate and any recommended improvements can be implemented.

“Joining a community of practice has been an amazing resource for me as I build my business. It's a chance to learn from peers, float ideas, practice my leadership skills and simply connect with other coaches around a specific area of interest. I'm so grateful ICFNE provides this opportunity to members!!”

-Barti Bourgault, Beyond the Edge, LLC

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