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Be an ICFNE Volunteer

Collaborate with other professionals coaches while gaining exposure to potential opportunities and expanding your support network. Let the world see your dedication to the profession by becoming an ICF Chapter Committee Member. Contribute to creating an empowered world through coaching.

Volunteer Opportunities

Sponsorship Committee |

  Tech savvy volunteers needed to help our VP of Sponsorship connect local businesses with member coaches through our Sponsorship program. Experience with strategic partnership preferred.

Volunteer Committee |

  Volunteers needed to help manage administrative items such as volunteer onboarding, monthly communication with active volunteers, and volunteer recognition. This role requires collaboration and timely communication and lends itself to both macro and micro volunteering.

Bylaws Committee |

  In need of volunteers with background in bylaws, either having served on a board of directors or worked to create/amend bylaws. Will require attention to detail and strong collaboration with our President and President-Elect.

Marketing Committee |

  Volunteers needed to help manage ICFNE’s Social Media strategy and work closely with the VP of Marketing on branding, publishing monthly communications, and website updates. Experience with social media management preferred.

Membership committee |

New Member Ambassador Lead needed to coordinate outreach designed to foster new member engagement in ICFNE. Partners with the VP of Membership to plan monthly new member outreach. Creates a small cadre of ICFNE Ambassadors who serve as liaisons for new members answering questions and establishing connection. Organizes quarterly Ambassador Meetings and attends monthly Membership Team meetings. This role requires collaboration, strategic, organizational, and strong communication skills.

Premier Member Liaison - This role is a part of the Membership Team and as the primary contact for Premier Members, the liaison welcomes Premier members to ICF New England, answers questions and promotes Premier Membership for the chapter. Partner with the Board and Membership Team as a thought partner to review and enhance premier member benefits. Coordinate with marketing on newsletter and email content and work with the Membership Renewal lead to focus on Premier membership renewals. Create a small team to lead and support Coaches Connect Community of Practice. Attend the monthly Coaches Connect Community of Practice and monthly Membership Team meetings. This role requires strategic thinking, collaboration, comfort speaking with members, and ability to roll-up your sleeves and jump in.

Explore Other Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming more actively involved in the ICFNE Chapter but are not sure in what capacity, ICFNE has a five main committees plus a volunteer Board of Directors that you may want to consider. Check out the following to see if one matches your interests or your expertise.


Membership Committee

Our mission is to ensure that the ICFNE members “feel the love”!
Working with the VP of Membership, the committee will:

  • Recognize new members, new accreditations and anniversaries in our newsletter in on our website
  • Greet participants at each event/meeting
  • Administrate our Communities of Practice
  • Be a liason to our local ICFNE Satellites
  • Reach out to connect with our members via membership surveys, updates in the newsletter, periodic phone calls, etc.
If you would like to support ICFNE by volunteering on the Membership Committee, please email the committee to learn more about the various opportunities available.

Education & Professional Development Committee

The Education and Professional Development Committee has the privilege of bringing substantial speakers, programs, and resources to the ICFNE Community.  We are focused on creating teleclasses, workshops and programs that deepen the value of membership by bringing community, education and opportunity to all our members – beginner, intermediate and advanced coaches.  This committee handles all aspects of coordinating with selected speakers for each event. They facilitate logistics at events and support the presenters. Additionally, team members work together to develop and be available for projects related to special functions, workshops and conferences sponsored by ICFNE.

If you would like to support ICFNE by volunteering on the Programming Committee, please email the committee to learn more about the various opportunities available. 

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee works as a team to keep our membership and interested non-members involved in our community and in the know of our activities and offerings.  We facilitate increased and enhanced membership providing valuable informaton to our audiences.  This committee works closely with Professional Development, Sponsorship, Membership Committees.  One of the biggest benefits of volunteering for the Marketing Team is that you can learn and practice new marketing skills to use with your own small business.

Working with the VP of Marketing, this team assists with the admnistration of:
  • Publishing emails and electronic newsletters
  • Communications of events and meetings
  • Social media – including Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Website updates

If you would like to support ICFNE by volunteering on the Marketing Committee, please email the committee to learn more about the various opportunities available.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee helps build strategic relationships between ICFNE and outside organizations that can benefit our members.  Through these strategic relationships, the the VP of Sponsorshp and the Sponsorship Committee generate revenue through the ICFNE Sponsorship Program, and also increases community awareness of ICFNE as they connect local businesses with member coaches.

If you would like to support ICFNE by volunteering on the Sponsorship Committee, please email the committee to learn more about the various opportunities available.

Finance Committee

The VP of Finance and the ICFNE Finance Committee manage the finances that keep the ICFNE Chapter up and running. The VP of Finance provides a snapshot of where we stand in our finances on a regular basis.  We have in place a very successful annual budgeting and reporting process, and we continue to refine these tools as we continue to support every board function for the ultimate success of ICFNE.

If you would like to support ICFNE by volunteering on the Finance Committee, please email the committee to learn more about the various opportunities available.

Board of Directors

Serving on the Board of Directors is both an honor and a labor of love.  This energetic team keeps the ICFNE Chapter running and strives to meet the needs of the membership.  The terms are 2 years in length and board members are elected through a formal nomination and election process that starts early each calendar year.  We always look forward to new energy, experience, skills, and knowledge as new board members come onboard.  It is a wonderful experience of growth, comraderie, and service to a mission that is dear to our hearts -- to lead the global advancement of the coaching profession.

If you would like to be a member of the Board of Directors, watch for communications regarding elections held in Q1 each year for 2 year terms.  Or you email us for more information.