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Christina Granahan   (#9024577)   

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Sudbury, MA
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Granahan Coaching and Consulting

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I come to coaching with a background in clinical social work, having worked in myriad settings including health care, education, and community mental health. At the encouragement of a seasoned MCC who thought my "style" was more "coach-like" than clinical, I attended the Coaches Training Institute and was certified as a CPCC in 2010. I am currently a PCC with a thriving private practice, working with anyone who wants to wake up to their habits and create a new way of being. Simply put, I help people bridge a gap from where they are, to where they want to be. I work with those as young as their early teens and have clients in retirement. I offer accountability and a calling forth into something that often far exceeds what you imagined was possible. 

I coach teens to find their footing socially and academically, young adults to find their next steps, be it education, career, or something else, and adults who know they want something different but haven't taken hold of the reins to make it happen. Within organizations, I coach individuals and teams, mostly in the non-profit sector, who want to come alive in their work by recommitting to their purpose or learning skills around leadership and creating the impact of their choosing in the workplace. I serve as a clinical supervisor to grow clinicians as well as a mentor coach for those wanting to grow their skills and certification as a coaches. I believe that what people want is someone to be honest with them and call them forth into the own unique genius and when I partner with clients willing to work, this is inevitably what happens. 

In addition to training with CTI, I am also certified as an Academic Life Coach, am a Harrison Assessment Partner, and continue to study the Enneagram and use it as a framework for my own psycho-spiritual growth and in my coaching, both 1:1 and in groups. 

When I am not in the world coaching others, I am working to support four children grow into adulthood with the same guiding principle I use in my work life: the belief that we are all put on this earth to be leaders, to have choice and take responsibility for our impact, and to remember, and act from, our essence, because that is, in fact, our birthright.