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Gina Lincoln   (#9022033)   

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Norwell, MA
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I'm a seasoned, certified and ICF credentialed coach with 16 years of professional coaching experience and unique background in leveraging wellness to increase resiliency, productivity, leadership potential, and employee satisfaction. I excel at developing leadership competencies, assessing needs, co-creating powerful action plans, and motivating individual clients and teams to exceed goals and live fulfilling lives. I'm passionate about teaching coaching, developing coach-like leaders and building coaching cultures. I'm also experienced in designing and facilitating experiential, tailored curriculum and blended learning programs. I proudly serve on the board of the International Coach Federation, New England, as VP of Education & Professional Development.

As a coach, I'm primarily an accountabilty partner, with a holistic and tranformational coaching style. I've been called a "coaching 'triple threat,'" combining my health/wellness background, evidenced-based coaching modalities and one's personal strengths, values and experiences to develop life and leadership mastery. I coach the whole person because I believe the distinction between work and life is a false polarity. Life is happening all of the time and true leadership is about taking responsibility for what we are creating, connecting to our humanness and honoring our values. From this grounded, authentic place, we live and lead powerfully and anything is possible! And, life is our greatest teacher: Whatever is happening in our lives, in this current moment, is often there to teach us what we need to know to get to the next level.

Dedicated to maximizing human potential and fostering authentic relationships, I partner with leaders in the areas of work/life balance, stress management, communication (intention vs. impact), influence, relationship agility, executive presence and synthesizing individual career goals with strategic business objectives. If clients are interested, I enjoy sharing the neuroscience that supports coaching, leadership,  behavior change. I've coached clients from Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, in various industries. I've worked for a couple of start-ups and I enjoy helping clients navigate the unique challenges that come along with start-ups and managing virtual, global teams. 

"In a long term coaching relationship, it’s easy to get comfortable. Gina always kept challenging me to exceed my goals, to take it further, to not accept the status quo. She kept it fresh, always bringing in new angles, asking me thought-provoking questions and offering unique experiential exercises that served as catalysts for transformation. She makes it safe to get out of your comfort zone and take big, courageous steps towards your goals. Overall, working with Gina was critical to my ability to achieve my leadership and corporate goals."

"With Gina as my coach, I always felt called to step into a bigger and more courageous version of my life. I believe that today I am living significantly larger and coaching at a higher level because of her guidance."

"Gina’s energy is magnetic - warm, kind and nurturing with a healthy side of calling you on your can’t help but be drawn to Gina. Her leadership style is effortless - a rare combination of curiosity, confidence, and compassion that allowed me to open up, ask questions and really lean into what I was learning."